A potrait of Rohan Mehta

Hi, I am Rohan Mehta, born in Delhi, India, and raised in Lucknow, currently working remotely from a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

As a self-educated developer, it led me to explore various technologies that help in running the web. And such technologies aided to build my work experience in multiple startups as an intern where I encountered the making of different phases of a product.

During the early days of college, my desire to program and to create things sprung up. With my increasing love for code, my interest in open source and tech-communities peaked. Being a part of a community is more than just a godsend. It eased my chances of meeting some exceptional people in my life. And since then, I have strived to make myself and my days better.

Aside from this, I possess a few hobbies. From time to time, I treat myself with movies and TV series, favourite genres being thriller, action, and comedy. I am a keen anime enthusiast, and only recently, I have begun reading manga too. When unoccupied from the above activities, you will find me nicely tucked in my bed.


Feel free to drop me a line. I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, feedbacks or just say hi!